Creating Online Lectures

Narrated PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint

Use PowerPoint’s voiceover narration feature to transform your PowerPoint presentations into lectures for students. Narrated presentations can be saved and shared with students in a variety of ways, including in Blackboard. You can install the Microsoft Office suite from GW Information Technology’s website.


Quickly convert your narrated PowerPoint slideshows into interactive HTML5 presentations, which can be easily viewed in a browser and on mobile devices. If you are interested in using iSpring, contact the Instructional Technology Lab for more information.


Universal Capture: Personal

Create and edit customized instructional video content using the Echo360's Universal Capture: Personal software.

You can share your capture videos in various ways, including in a Blackboard course. To use Universal Capture: Personal, create an account and course section on Blackboard and then download and install the software to start recording. You can also upload videos saved on your computer directly to an Echo360 course section.

Additionally, Echo360 provides an automatic transcription for any video uploaded to an Echo360 course section. Transcripts can be edited and applied as closed captions.

Classroom Lecture Capture

Automatically record your classroom lectures and make them available to students in Blackboard using GW Lecture Capture. All lecture capture classrooms record instructor audio and presentation materials; however, some are also equipped with a camera to record video. Check your classroom's technology for the most up-to-date information.


The Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) can help you learn the basics of creating online lectures and how to enhance them with the tools available at GW. Contact the ITL for a one-on-one consultation or register for an upcoming workshop.

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