Teaching Network for Early Career Faculty


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The Teaching Network for Early Career Faculty is a cohort-based program for faculty who consider themselves new, or relatively new, to teaching at GW. The Teaching Network will return in fall 2021; check this page or subscribe to our mailing list for details. 

Typically, in the fall semester, we meet four times as a group to discuss and practice pedagogical techniques; lunch is provided. Topics addressed include:

  • how to structure a class period
  • increasing student motivation
  • facilitating vibrant class discussions
  • transparent assignment design
  • collecting and evaluating feedback
  • tips for effective and efficient grading
  • creating and using rubrics

...as well as your questions and concerns!

In the spring, there are repeated opportunities to give and receive feedback on your teaching. We set up a process for classroom visits by your network peers and a senior faculty member so that you can give and receive specific feedback. Then, you will have the opportunity to apply what you learned and receive additional feedback.  Visits will be scheduled around your availability and class schedule. We celebrate the end of the year with a culminating graduation gathering.


Extensive feedback from faculty indicates that most successful instructors are not born teachers. Rather, they develop confidence and ease in their teaching with coaching and feedback from a supportive network.  With this in mind, this program provides: 

  • Six months of support for teaching
  • A community of faculty peers from across GW
  • A letter of completion for tenure and promotion packets, upon successful completion of all program aspects
  • Automatic acceptance into the Course Design Institute in May
  • A copy of Small Teaching: Everyday Lessons from the Science of Learning (2016) by James M. Lang
  • Great conversation and socializing over lunch

Learning Objectives

By being part of the Teaching Network cohort, faculty will be able to:

  • Develop engaging and well-paced class sessions
  • Create assignments that are clearer and more motivating for students
  • Identify active learning techniques for their classes
  • Give and receive feedback on their classroom teaching with faculty peers
  • Discuss ways to evaluate their own teaching and to interpret course evaluations


This program is offered free of charge to all GW faculty who considered themselves to be early career. Since concepts in this program will build on each other, it is very important to the peer review process that everyone to agree to attend all sessions. If you know already that you will need to miss a session, please let us know so that we can work things out.  Please keep in mind that the Instructional Core offers additional workshops and consultations if you are unable to commit to the network at this time.

Block quote from 2017-2018 participant: "Participating in the network during my first year as a faculty member provided a vital source of support and critical guidance."

Application Process 

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Applications are accepted in late August and September. So please check back. 

Submit Application

The application will be posted here when available.

Location, Dates, and Time

Location: TBD

Dates: Six 2-hour sessions, plus classroom visits TBD

Time: TBD


Click here to see a list of faculty who have participated in the Teaching Network since its inception in 2017.