Jesse Gershuny

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Instructional Designer
Libraries and Academic Innovation
Areas of expertise
adult education, educational technology, leadership development

Jessica “Jesse” Gershuny is passionate about the nexus of education and technology, and joined the IDT Team as an Instructional Designer in October 2019. She holds an MBA from the University of Maryland, which she completed in a hybrid format, and an M.A. in Learning and Design from Georgetown University. At Georgetown, Jesse focused her research on the adoption of AI-enabled technologies in higher education, the future of workforce development, and how analytics can be used to improve learning outcomes. Jesse saw the impact of intentional program design firsthand by being part of UMD’s inaugural hybrid MBA cohort, which included asynchronous modules and a flipped classroom strategy.As a designer and trainer at GW, Jesse has a broad design portfolio to include law, business, and education courses.