Online Course Remediation

If you would like to improve your course’s usability and accessibility, Faculty Development is now offering individualized course remediations for accessibility. 

This service will include an initial evaluation of your Blackboard course’s existing materials and organization based on Quality Matters criteria. After that evaluation, remediation may include:

  • Replacing inaccessible readings with an accessible version through GW Libraries course reserves or a remediated copy
  • Adding captions or transcripts to media in the course like videos and podcasts
  • Editing course documents to have readable text, navigation structure, and alternative text
  • Revising images to have sufficient color contrast for better readability
  • Reorganizing Blackboard content to be more navigable by students

The process will take between three to four weeks, depending on the amount of material in the course.

Would my course be a good candidate for remediation?

Your course would be a good fit if:

  • It is more than three years old
  • It has never been designed by an instructional designer or other learning professional
  • You have recently added a lot of new content
  • You have received a lot of logistical questions from students on where items are or how to complete tasks in your course

How do I apply?

Fill out the Course Remediation Request Form. We will be accepting applications through Friday, June 3 for courses being taught in Fall 2022. We will assess the amount of requests received, gauge the workload, and contact the faculty members to begin remediation. Courses that begin in Fall 2022 will be prioritized first, but you may apply with courses that are delivered later in 2022 and in 2023. If you have additional questions, please email Caitlin Savoldelli.  

Apply for course remediation