Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive teaching strives to create a learning environment in which all students have equal access to learning regardless of their background or needs. Students who feel a sense of belonging are more motivated and engaged. 

Reflect on your teaching and ways that it can be made more inclusive using this Inclusive Teaching Inventory—what are you doing already? What can you improve? Where should you seek out more support or resources?

The following resources address the many facets of diversity related to teaching and learning, from teaching about diversity to handling difficult conversations:

For a more in-depth look at inclusive teaching, see these free online courses:

Making your courses welcoming, accessible to, and representative of all students is a part of a larger effort that includes working towards equity and justice as well as access. The following resources focus specifically on anti-racist pedagogical practices:

Additional resources are available in the #GWinSolidarity Resource Syllabus, the Elliott School's Inclusive Excellence Toolkit, and through GW's Office of Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement