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FLEX Teaching Camps originated to provide just-in-time support to instructors adapting to the emergency remote teaching period and the return to campus in 2020-2021. At present, there are plans to offer FLEX Camps in the future. If you are interested in programming like this or have questions, email instructioncore@gwu.edu. 

FLEX 2021 Camp: A New Normal? Teaching, Technology, and Inclusion for Fall

This fall, we are returning to physical spaces with new perspectives and ideas about what normal looks and feels like. Our popular, short learning opportunity for instructors returns as well. Reimagined as FLEX 2021, these virtual sessions will focus on supporting the return to on-campus teaching. We will strategize about how to navigate the evolving learning environment and address details of the classroom setups while also examining ways to integrate virtual learning teaching experiences. Level of concepts: Introductory and Intermediate.

You can expect to discuss:

  • What’s new in your classroom? What technology is available, and how can technology help you capture learning and teach to students who may not be in the room?
  • What we’ve learned about how to effectively teach online and teach with technology, and how to continue to use those tools even in a more face-to-face setting
  • What we’ve learned about ourselves as instructors
  • What we’ve learned about flexibility, inclusion, and empathy, and how to carry compassionate course policies forward even as we return to a more traditional classroom environment 

FLEX is a framework, not a set of recommendations: we’ll help you think about your options and work through examples and scenarios together.

FLEX Camp will take place virtually over two days, with individual consultations available throughout and afterwards. As we discuss the benefits of flexibility, we’ll do so in a flexible format: FLEX Camp is designed for both full and partial attendance. Feel free to attend the whole program or join only for sessions that are most useful to you.


  • July 21-22
  • July 28-29
  • August 9-10

Schedule overview

Please note that this is a draft schedule. We reserve the right to update particular sessions over the summer as needs and circumstances change.  

  Day 1 Day 2 [Day 3]

Overview of fall classrooms

  • What fall classrooms will look like: Technology and set up
  • Welcoming students back: Student expectations, motivation, and pathways to learning research
  • Fresh perspectives on inclusive teaching

New ideas for assessment and grading; recording classroom lecture

  • Recording tool tips
  • Quick course design guide
  • New assessment and grading models
  • Planning tools
Schedule an optional individual consultation 
11-1    Break: consultations available  Break: consultations available  

Teaching techniques

  • Making the most of your new classroom technology: What’s in your room?
  • Solutions for common scenarios--e.g., simultaneous teaching, outside guests, small group work
  • Applying lessons from virtual teaching

Blackboard tips for in-person teaching

  • Blackboard: Key tools for teaching and accessibility
  • Open Educational Resources and library support
  • Resources, Q & A

See registration information below, and check this page or subscribe to our mailing list for updates.


So that we can provide session information, registration is required for FLEX 2021 Camp. Fill out this form to register. We will contact you with instructions on how to access the sessions via Blackboard.

Please note: Participants will need to use their @gwu.edu or @email.gwu.edu account to register for and participate in the program. If you do not have access to a GW account or have issues completing this form, please email instructioncore@gwu.edu.